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No.1 Where is the tomb of Emperor Akbar located?  Show/hide
No.2 Who designed the Victoria Memorial at Calcutta?  Show/hide
No.3 Which port city was the first Portuguese colony in India?  Show/hide
No.4 Where did Vasco da Gama land in India?  Show/hide
No.5 What is Lothal, near the Gulf of Khambat, believed to have been long ago?  Show/hide
No.6 Where did Alexander of Macedon first enter in India?  Show/hide
No.7 When did the first partition of Bengal take place?  Show/hide
No.8 Which Indian president declared a state of emergency in 1975?  Show/hide
No.9 Who was the founder of the Brahmo Samaj?  Show/hide
No.10 Who was the founder of the Slave dynasty?  Show/hide
No.11 Which Lodi king was killed in the First Battle of Panipat?  Show/hide
No.12 What was the kingdom of Krishna Deva Raya Called?  Show/hide
No.13 Who was the last Mughal emperor of India?  Show/hide
No.14 Who started the Prarthana Samaj?  Show/hide
No.15 Where was Gautama Buddha born?  Show/hide
No.16 To which dynasty did Ashoka belong ?  Show/hide
No.17 What is Bodh Gaya famous for in relation with the Buddha?  Show/hide
No.18 Who built the Taj mahal and the Lal Qila by Shah Jahan?  Show/hide
No.19 Who was the only early Mughal emperor to be ousted from the throne?  Show/hide
No.20 In which language were the early Buddhist canonical/sacred texts written?  Show/hide
No.21 Who founded the kingdom of Vijayanagar?  Show/hide
No.22 Which governor-general of British India was responsible for abolishing sati?  Show/hide
No.23 Who was the first Indian woman president of the Indian National Congress?  Show/hide
No.24 Where is Fort Saint George located?  Show/hide
No.25 Who founded the Indian National Army?  Show/hide
No.26 What was the court language of the Vijayanagar empire?  Show/hide
No.27 In which modern State of India was the ancient university of Nalanda located?  Show/hide
No.28 Which of the following tombs is an imitation of the Taj Mahal?  Show/hide
No.29 When was the Indian National Congress founded?  Show/hide
No.30 Who came to be popularly called as Lokmanya?  Show/hide
No.31 What are the stories that describe the earlier lives of the Buddha known as?  Show/hide
No.32 What was the most widely used script in India in the third century?  Show/hide
No.33 Which ancient Buddhist study centre did Hsuan-tsang and I-ching describe?  Show/hide
No.34 Who was the successor of Iltutmish?  Show/hide
No.35 Who passed the India Act of 1784?  Show/hide
No.36 What was the popular name of Vishnugupta, the author of Arthashastra?  Show/hide
No.37 Who introduced the philosophy of satyagraha in India’s struggle against British imperialism?  Show/hide
No.38 Who among the following was the founder of the Pala Dynasty?  Show/hide
No.39 Where is the Harappan site of Kalibangan located?  Show/hide
No.40 Who was known as “the Frontier Gandhi”?  Show/hide
No.41 Who was the first high Commissioner of India to the United Kingdom?  Show/hide
No.42 Which ancient city was founded by Ajatashatru?  Show/hide
No.43 To which emperor did the peacock throne originally belong?  Show/hide
No.44 Who created the military brotherhood of Sikhs called “Khalsa”?  Show/hide